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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Your Alternative to the Fargo Forum: Just What does Katrina have To Do With Immigration

Your Alternative to the Fargo Forum

By: London Calling

We are near the anniversary of Katrina, the storm that all but wiped out New Orleans. What does this have to do with immigration, legal or otherwise? One argument against massive immigration across the United States, for example, on our southern border is the illegal aliens are taking jobs away from Americans. The response is that the jobs they are taking are jobs American are not willing to do, at least not for the same wage. Oh? Why is that true, if it is. Katrina showed the people of Fargo and the rest of the country the massive poverty in New Orleans and by extension, in many other large cities. It revealed hundred of thousands of people, nearly destitute, totally unable to fend for themselves, totally dependent on an unresponsive Federal government. I sure help hope the people of Northwood, ND don't experience the same treatment from our Government. What ever happened to "workfare?" Didn't work, I guess. Well, as long as our lowest class doesn't have to go to work I think it rather obvious it won't work. I think we might be surprised how well many of them could care for a lawn if their livelihood depended on it. As good as any illegal immigrant, I would bet. Further, has anyone considered if we're doing anybody any good? People leave their home countries and come here presumably because life here at its worst is better than at home. By accepting, we are robbing them of their opportunity, or even responsibility, to make their own county better. If their government is the problem, then according to our founding fathers, it is their responsibility to change it. By accepting their immigrants,

we are robbing these countries of the opportunity to develop. Such is not easy: we didn't find it so, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

Your Alternative to the Fargo Forum
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